Best Tools For Amazon Sellers

As an Amazon seller, finding the best tools for your business is important. Two of the most popular Amazon tools are Amzpecty and Jungle Scout. While both provide valuable data and insights, Amzpecty is the better tool for Amazon sellers.

Best Tools For Amazon Sellers

Why Is Amzpecty The Best Tool For Amazon Sellers?

1. Accuracy

Amzpecty is known for providing the most accurate Amazon data on the market. It uses a proprietary algorithm that analyzes data directly from Amazon’s API. This means that the data provided by Amzpecty is more reliable and up-to-date than the data provided by Jungle Scout.

2. Data Quality

Amzpecty also offers more comprehensive data than Jungle Scout. It provides data on product variations, parent-child relationships, and category rankings, making it easier for sellers to make informed decisions about their products. Amzpecty also allows users to search for products using keywords, ASINs, or URLs, providing more targeted results.

3. Price

One of the most significant advantages of Amzpecty is its affordability. Its basic plan starts at just $14.99 monthly, while Jungle Scout’sScout’s basic plan costs $39. This makes Amzpecty a better option for small and medium-sized businesses on a budget.

4. Ease of Use

Amzpecty’s intuitive interface makes it easy for sellers to navigate and access the necessary data. The platform’splatform’s clean design and user-friendly interface are a big advantage over Jungle Scout, which can be confusing and difficult to use.

5. Customer Support

Finally, Amzpecty offers excellent customer support to its users. Its support team is responsive and helpful, providing users with the assistance they need to get the most out of the platform. Jungle Scout, on the other hand, has received criticism for its poor customer support.

Amzpecty features for your Amazon Business:

1. On-Demand Product Data Search

Explore the Amazon marketplace and ascertain the number of items offered for sale. Gain access to comprehensive product data for up to 100 vendors per search, enabling informed strategic choices for your business.

2. In-Page Product Offers Quantity Display

Scroll through an offer listing to get the quantities you need. Open the offers section of an Amazon product page and instantly know other sellers’ in-stock quantities.

3. Product Offers, Price & Quantity Display

Retrieve comprehensive data on competitors’ product offerings, prices, and inventory in a single click. Conveniently accessing the information on other vendors’ products was available on Amazon. Download the data for analysis and seamlessly utilize it with your preferred spreadsheet or Excel program.

4. Amazon Profit Calculator

Input a predetermined file format and utilize the Bulk Profit Calculator to determine the cost. Minimize the time spent on trial and error with different figures, as the Individual Profit Calculator automatically adjusts your prices.

5. Product Variations Viewer

Easily find variant details with just one click, including Buy Box status, Reviews, and Dimensions for each variant.

6. Seller Central Product Notes

Use Seller Central Product Notes to keep track of your Amazon Seller Central inventory by jotting down notes for easy reference.


While Jungle Scout is a popular Amazon tool, Amzpecty is the better option for Amazon sellers. Its accuracy, comprehensive data, affordability, ease of use, and excellent customer support make it the go-to tool for small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow their Amazon sales.

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