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What's New?

Series of updates about Amzpecty

What's New?


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Amzpecty API Web Service Updates

  1. Updated Estimate Profit API for Amazon September 2022 Revenue Calculator Update
    • Added serviceaddons and peakstorage parameters to estimate profit query

      Added the following fields
      • data.fba.fulfillmentFe
      • data.fba.peakSeasonStorage
      • data.fba.serviceAddons.baggingFee
      • data.fba.serviceAddons.inventoryPlacementFee
      • data.fba.serviceAddons.bubbleWrapFee
      • data.fba.serviceAddons.labelingFee
      • data.fba.serviceAddons.tapingFee
      • data.fba.serviceAddons.opaqueBaggingFee
  1. Added AMZPECTY-USER-AGENT override for POST response
  2. Added pageNotFound, unavailable, and hasVariations flags
  1. Added Product Reviews API.

  1. Added Seller Asins API.

  1. Added Seller Info API.
  1. Added the following fields to the Asin Snapshot API result.
    • customerStarRating
    • customerReview

Amzpecty Browser Extension Updates

  1. Fixed the loading issue when switching tabs.
  2. Added delete product note feature.
  1. Optimized search speed by preventing search on a Parent ASIN.
  2. New Pricing Plans
  3. Bug fixes.
  1. Added display of customer rating and review count.
  2. Added display of Sellers’ ratings.
  1. Updated the extension’s permissions config.
  1. Fixed bug where the popup window closes on certain product pages
  1. Implemented support for Amazon Business product pages.
  1. Added Bulk Download(all ASIN) in Product Snapshots
  2. Now shows UPC when data is available. See the link for screenshot details
  1. Optimizations are leading to significant loading time improvement! Amzpecty 2.5 is now 200% faster than before.
  1. Optimizations are leading to significant loading time improvement! Amzpecty 2.5 is now 200% faster than before.
  1. By default, Amzpecty will show up to 10 sellers. Users will have the option to show all by default through the preferences page.
  2. Daily Snapshot data is now shown in tabular form.
  1. Daily Product Snapshot Add-on – Amzpecty can now track your preferred products by taking daily snapshots of data. Learn more at:

  1. Amzpecty can now check the quantity in stock of products on a merchant’s Amazon storefront.

  1. Added note input for each product listed on the Seller Central Manage Inventory page.

  1. Added Seller Type and Product Condition filter that updates Total Est. Qty and Average Price on change.

  1. Amzpecty can now auto inject the Amzpecty icon in Seller Central and Amazon search results.

  1. Amzpecty can now show item conditions and identify FBA.
  2. Amzpecty can inject the Amzpecty icon within Amazon Search results.
  1. Amzpecty can inject the Amzpecty icon within “Seller Central Manage Inventory.”