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Welcome To Our Affiliate Program!

Who's a Good Fit?

Amzpecty Affiliate Program is perfect for amazon sellers, bloggers, youtubers, educators, website owners, industry influencers, marketers, e-commerce gurus and any business interested in promoting Amzpecty and getting rewarded for it. Get paid for driving sales by simply recommending Amzpecty. 


Unlimited Earnings

Your success is our success, so there are no limits!

Monthly Recurring Commission

There is no monthly limit on the commission you earn and no minimum sales requirement.

Why Become Amzpecty Affiliate?

  • Join for free. Earn commissions for qualified referrals.

  • No minimum sales requirement.

  • Payouts are made on time

  • Get access to the affiliate dashboard. Easily track commissions and payouts, and create affiliate links to any Amzpecty webpage.

  • No Earnings Caps

  • More Intuitive Data Reporting

  • Dedicated team to help you succeed.

Frequently asked questions

You can refer any business that is not an existing Amzpecty customer under any paid subscription plan.
You will earn a recurring 10% of the monthly subscription fee on STARTER, PRO BASIC, PRO ADVANCED, ENTERPRISE BASIC and ENTERPRISE ADVANCED.

You will earn commissions on each qualified and confirmed payment.

  • You cannot earn affiliate commissions on your own Amzpecty Subscription/s.
  • Amzpecty only sends payouts if your earnings is more than or equal to $20.00 every 15th-25th of the month.
  • Trial accounts that cancelled before the billing commences will not be eligible for commission.
Yes, after joining our program as an affiliate, we’ll make sure you get full support when it’s needed and provide you with all the details that you need to help us promote our service.
PayPal is the preferred mode of payment.
You will get paid in a montly basis.
No. You are only eligible to receive payment for referrals who sign up using your unique link.
The program is free to join. There are no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements.
Please check your Promotions tab, or your spam folders, first. If you still cannot find it, contact us.

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