Check all sellers' product data in one click

On-Demand Product Data Search

Make winning business ideas and decisions with up 100 sellers’ data for every product on demand search.

On Demand Product Search
Discover Your Competitors Easily

The fastest and easiest alternative to the 999 trick.

Browse within Amazon pages and check the quantity of products available for sale in the Amazon marketplace.

All data is downloadable for convenient record keeping.

Downloadable Data

You can integrate our data into your internal systems for your data analytics or any other meaningful purpose.

Conveniently Run Amzpecty within Amazon

Browse on Amazon website and just click the Amzpecty icon to run search!

Discover Your Competitors Easily

Amazon Search Results Page

Look for Amzpecty icon and run the search.

Discover Your Competitors Easily

Product Page

Just hit the Amzpecty icon on your browser toolbar.

Discover Your Competitors Easily

Merchant Storefront

Quickly check available quantity in stock of products in the Amazon merchant’s storefront.

Discover Your Competitors Easily

Seller Central Manage Inventory Page

Quickly check available quantity in stock of products in Seller Central Manage Inventory Page.