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Download Daily Product Snapshot Reports

In Product Snapshots page, click Download Reports tab.

Amzpecty provides 5 types of Reports for bulk download.

  1. Raw Snapshots
  2. Sales Trend
  3. Estimated Quantity Sold
  4. Price Trend
  5. Sales Rank Trend

To request a report just click the corresponding Request report button.

After the system has generated a report, the Request Report button will turn into a Download Report button. 

To be able to initiate a new report request, just click the stop icon and the Download Report button will revert to Request Report button. 

Click Request Report button to generate a new report.

Download Options

  1. Seller Filters – Enables option to filter FBA or MFN seller
    • Show all sellers –
    • Show only FBA sellers –
    • Show only Merchant Fulfilled sellers –
  2. Consolidate data into one sheet – Enable one page output file
  3. Include Product Title – Switch on to include product title in the report
  4. Include Tags – Switch on to include tags in the report
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