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Why the change in Amzpecty display functionality?

Hello, community!

We’ve recently been getting many inquiries of dissatisfaction about the new style of popup box when Amzpecty returns information from your searches. We want to let all of our customers know this was not a change we planned on or even dreamed of modifying our extremely easy-to-use user interface (UI).

On or about January 4th, 2021, Amazon started rolling out globally the way they display competing products, filtering shipping options, and generally their entire buy box display area to allow for more space to be available for, yes, you guessed it… More advertising.  

This change we immediately picked up on this, and our team fixed it within 24 hours of the first behavioral display changes. Some users also needed more data to be returned to them depending on how they were querying and using our toolset.  

The good news is the brilliant minds at Amzpecty were the first to be able to modify our toolset to be back to fully operational with Amazon’s unannounced changes.

Last March 13, 2023, Version 2.3.8 was updated for the Amzpecty API Web Service. Added Error Codes E00012 to E00015.

This started in Asia on a few of their localized sites, then followed quickly across Europe. Anyone that is a USA-based customer noticed we had introduced a popup box with two additional boxes that allowed for products to display as they have essentially since Amazon’s system of buy-box changes and the consumers’ interaction with the pages.  

One thing we’ve told every client that’s chatted with us or has written to us expressing their dislike of the new changes in the way sellers are being displayed, and we told every single customer that this behavior is already on every Amazon system in the world where the competitive seller listings pop out from the right-hand side that it’s not a matter of IF Amazon will change the behavior in the USA, but WHEN.

The “WHEN” occurred on January 26th at approximately 1:00 AM Eastern Standard time.

The good news is Amzpecty has been aware of this issue, and all our systems are running normally. The good news for you as an Amzpecty customer is that you will not have any service interruptions. We proactively modified our toolset to ensure our customers weren’t affected. The better news for you as an Amzpecty customer or new trial customer is that our system is the only one working as normal with the new changes. Any competitors using any other system at the time of this writing are not getting normal data. Of course, even in normal times, our data reporting was never based on FAKE and misleading information that companies perpetrate to be wonderful using algorithms based on a method in the industry known as BSR (Based on Sales Rank).

Please feel free to read this article: 

To be clear, when this article was written, their main points were this:

They didn’t know about Amzpecty when they wrote this article. We always believed and our largest of clients that use our systems to provide information on thousands, TENS of thousands of products across different and competing marketplaces globally, hourly – to millions of products monthly across multiple marketplaces that our data is the most accurate possible without being inside of one of the e-commerce companies themselves.

We at Amzpecty have despised this reporting method since its existence. The largest companies in our industry in the world use this method. The owners and engineers at our company, as many of our current and largest customers know, we used to be Amazon sellers ourselves. Involved in the FBA pilot program, etc. We were a top 5% global Amazon seller when we used to sell on Amazon. The idea behind Amzpecty was simple. As the selling landscape on Amazon changed, we decided to provide services to sellers instead of competing with them. Our upper management has been involved with selling products online, so to speak, since the 1980s. We’ve seen everything there is to see. The one thing we’ve always believed that we would never bring to market a product based on arbitrary and extremely easy-to-manipulate metrics. Most every single one of our competitors’ products is cached. As an Amzpecty user, whenever you hit the button to check any data points on our marketplace, our data is LIVE. 

While many of our thousands of customers use our web extension, which is nice and simple, Amzpecty also offers the most robust API for all the data points for every marketplace we provide services for, just as if you were looking at it in that particular country. Amzpecty’s vast back end is so diverse and robust that no matter which e-commerce platform you are looking for data points, Geotagging is never a problem using our tracking API. If you are a seller that even needs and wants extremely simple automation built into whatever applications or UI your technical team could dream of. 

Please feel free free to take a free test drive and learn more about our API at: 


Thank you personally for being an Amzpecty client and letting you know that we’ve had many sleepless nights of modifications and testing, and retesting to ensure you can have a good night’s sleep. That’s why you’ve hired us to work for your company.

Thank you for that.

Amzpecty is 100% operational on every E-commerce marketplace. We provide service worldwide.

I wish you all good selling and health in this global crisis we are all against.

Most of all, we thank you for your trust.  

If you have any questions regarding functionality or more information on our API services, don’t hesitate to contact us at: 

https://amzpecty.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new daily.


Michael Abrams 


Vice President of Operations

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