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Any limitations?

Amzpecty Limitations

  1. Amzpecty can retrieve the maximum quantity for a product as 999, regardless of whether the seller has more in stock.
  2. If the seller sets purchase quantity restrictions, Amzpecty can only obtain information on the maximum allowable purchase quantity.
  3. Some custom storefronts may not be supported, and automatic quantity queries may not work.
  4. Amzpecty can only display quantity information for subscription-based products if other sellers have listed the quantity.
  5. The Product Snapshot feature will display the quantity for only one seller, even if the seller has multiple listings of different conditions.
  6. Amzpecty does not support the Amazon Smile website.
  7. Amzpecty no longer supports Google Chrome versions below 50 on Windows Vista and lower operating systems.
  8. Amzpecty cannot retrieve sponsored Products on the Amazon Search Results page.
  9. Amzpecty cannot obtain quantity information for items/listings exclusively for Prime members.
  10. Amzpecty can retrieve a maximum of 100 sellers per product.
  11. Amzpecty is unable to query quantity for “RENTAL” offers.
  12. In cases with delivery location restrictions, Amzpecty will only display offers from the perspective of US users.

Amzpecty API Limitations

  1. Amzpecty API cannot provide Estimated Profit data for the corresponding ASIN if the package dimensions, unit weight, and product category are not defined in an Amazon listing.
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