Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Download Amzpecty

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Download Amzpecty

As an Amazon seller, improving your business operations and understanding your competitors’ inventory, quantity, variations, and prices are crucial. A tool that can assist with this is a price tracking extension like Amzpecty, a Google Chrome Extension and Web App. It’s designed to automate your business operations and is highly regarded by many Amazon sellers. With Amzpecty, you can stay ahead in the competitive eCommerce landscape without the stress of constantly brainstorming ways to differentiate from competitors.

Here are the top 3 reasons to consider downloading Amzpecty:

1.    Check Specific Sellers’ Stocks and Item Conditions

With Amzpecty, you can conveniently check amazon sales and monitor your inventory as well as your competitors’. This insight is invaluable for developing unique marketing strategies and understanding market trends. Amzpecty also aids in identifying your competitors’ logistics, helping to minimize business losses.

2.    Get Detailed Information Quickly

Amzpecty eliminates the need for time-consuming competitive intelligence gathering. The price tracking extension provides essential information such as FBA or FBM status, shipping costs, seller names, prices, and quantities on a single page, which you can download for offline use. This ensures you have accurate and estimated data at your fingertips.

3.    Note-Taking on the Seller Central Page

A unique feature of Amzpecty is the ability to write notes on individual products on the Seller Central Page. This is particularly useful when conducting competitor analysis, allowing you to keep track of vital information and organize your market research findings efficiently. Additionally, these notes can be shared with your team, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Amzpecty’s features are designed to help your business grow and gain insights into what your competitors are doing. For Amazon sellers who are new or still considering the tool, Amzpecty offers a free trial, providing an opportunity to explore its capabilities. Downloading Amzpecty could be a significant step towards enhancing your Amazon selling experience, especially in terms of price tracking and checking amazon sales.