Latest Amazon Sudden Changes and Updates

Latest Amazon Changes and Updates

Amazon FBA Peak Core Fees

It’s affecting everyone, and we’re quite sure some Amazon Sellers haven’t heard of this yet.

Starting October 15th, 2022, to January 14, 2023, Peak Core Fees enters the selling scene for the FBA. 

The economic climate (rising costs of fuels and inflation) causes a peak-sale season, and Amazon’s sudden change is a sure-profit move, with 2022 left only three months before 2023 starts. No doubt Amazon is pushing some increased charges or fees.

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Things will go back, though. After the last day of the FBA peak fulfillment, fees will revert to the non-peak period rates.

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Do something now, re-evaluate your pricing strategies if you have just read them, and use Amazon’s correct fee structure.

Amazon Compliance Reference Tool

Woah? Wait a minute? A new feature?

Recently, Amazon added a new feature called Compliance Reference Tool.

Before Amazon’s latest feature, sellers have to do some tedious research. Sellers can’t just sell randomly on Amazon—specific products and products within certain categories must meet quality and safety standards.

Amazon created the latest compliance reference tool to help sellers navigate compliance obligations and stay updated on consistently changing requirements.

No more self-research—the latest tool will help efficiently, especially for beginners, investing in a product to sell and preparing ahead of time what Amazon will require if a product is listed in the marketplace.

One thing to remember, though, is that if your product wanting to sell is not on the Compliance Reference Tool, that does not mean it’s not allowed in the marketplace. You can read from Amazon Seller Central’s latest Compliance Reference tool to know more.

Some of these changes might give you a headache or benefit you. Just don’t forget to rethink your pricing structure based on the latest announcements from Amazon.