The Basic Features of Amzpecty

The Basic Features of Amzpecty

Amzpecty is a Chrome extension and a Web app. It is the most popular, trusted, and downloaded tool for Amazon sellers. It has automated features and data that help businesses make more money and reduce risks. It has proven valuable and reliable, with numerous testimonials from Amazon sellers worldwide.

Amzpecty is an easy-to-use tool that offers numerous features that Amazon sellers can enjoy. Amzpecty’s Amazon Profit Calculator enables sellers to identify a product’s profitability. With this quick and easy analysis, sellers can understand the bigger picture and develop better business strategies.

Amzpecty’s Product Variations Viewer shows product variants with many reviews, suggesting that sellers can learn about market trends and determine what Amazon customers want. Amzpecty helps sellers check, analyze, and compare positive and negative reviews. Sellers can establish a credible image in the market by finding solutions from the reviews gathered with Amzpecty’s help.

With this quick and easy feature, Amzpecty’s automated stock-level data checker makes it easier for sellers to do their work. Sellers no longer have to do the tedious 999 Amazon shopping cart trick. With one click, it’s faster to know their competitors’ inventory and improve their business’ sales turnover. Moreover, other important competitor information can be gathered quickly by the sellers. 

Amzpecty has a Seller Central Product Notes feature that allows Amazon sellers to take notes instantly. Sellers can jot down essential memos for future reference. There’s no need to get a pen and paper or even use a different application to write down information. Even better, you can write notes on each product listed.

Amzpecty’s Daily Product Snapshots provide daily analytical data that is downloadable. You can easily keep an eye on crucial information in the business, like sales trends, estimated numbers sold, and price trends, making it easier for the sellers to formulate effective decisions. Additionally, the daily reports generated by Amzpecty are easy to understand. 

Most people find it hard to do competitive analysis, but with Amzpecty, you can now do this tedious job with just a click of the mouse. Sellers can run their businesses more productively and focus more on other parts of their business operations. With all the features mentioned above, downloading Amzpecty is worth it.

Amzpecty lets you try up to five queries for free for 15 days without signing up or subscribing. Stop collecting data manually and join the growing number of Amazon sellers who use Amzpecty now.