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Error Messages

No.Message IdMessageNotes
1E00001Invalid Amazon domain. Allowed values are [www.amazon.com].Specified domain is not in the allowed list.
2E00002No data for ASIN/Request ID.
3E00003Invalid credentials. Please contact support@amzpecty.com
4E00004You are requesting beyond the allowed request rates.You are requesting beyond the allowed request rates. Parallel request is not allowed.
5E00005Your subscription to Amzpecty Product Query API service is inactive.Please contact support for account status details.
6E00006Invalid ASIN / ISBN.
7E00007Your monthly or daily request limit is used up.Your request credit is used up.
8E00008Callback URL is not specified. Set callback URL in Preferences Page > Amzpect API > Your API Secret Key.
9E00009Missing / invalid “condition” value on your request. Valid condition values are: [new, used, collectible]
10E00010Maximum number of ASINs queued reached. Please try again later.
11E00011Amzpecty could not search Parent ASIN. Please use the more specific Child ASIN instead or use the Product Variations API.
13E00099Bad request!
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