Tips On Improving Your Amazon Business By Tracking The Sales Trend

Tips On Improving Your Amazon Business By Tracking The Sales Trend

You need reliable information to run your business properly and maximize your efforts. Amzpecty Daily Snapshot is ideal for tracking Amazon product sales and optimizing your Amazon business. It helps individual sellers to boost their business. Amzpecty lets you examine seller product variations and Buy Box and inspect products extensively with one click. These daily data snapshots let you oversee prices and analyze sales patterns in the Amazon marketplace. With Amzpecty Daily Snapshot, it can help you track other Amazon business metrics and stay ahead of the competition.

Amazon Business Analytics

Easily Track Other Amazon Businesses’ Analytics With Amzpecty

Amazon business success involves effort and attention. Amzpecty makes it easy to track your progress and stay on top. Every time you browse any product on Amazon, you can add products to track in Amzpecty Daily Snapshot Web App. Once added, it automatically provides daily data and sales insights up to the last 60 days.

Easily see how key metrics change daily and weekly with downloadable data and benchmark period-over-period comparisons, which include seller names, price, shipping cost, and quantity.

Amzpecty provides a daily sales trend chart to simplify gathered data. This lets you track other sellers’ product performance and spot patterns. It captures the trend data for each product. Providing the actual amount of stock available in one click.

Amzpecty’s “Check Now” button lets you quickly check Amazon competitors’ product performance data. This lets you spot improvement opportunities and act on them immediately. This will help you track Amazon product information to make strategic decisions.



With the help of Amzpecty’s Daily Product Snapshot Web App, Amazon sellers can asses the inventories of their business with data-driven analytics for their future strategies. A Product Notes tool in your Amazon Seller Central inventory management page allows you to write and view notes directly.

Amzpecty’s easy-to-use tools allow you to view product insights and product variations performance in just one click. You can get the data you need to understand where you need to improve for your Amazon business, like week-over-week and same-day average benchmarks. This way, you can stay ahead of the competition and maximize your profits.