How To Check the Price History of an Item on Amazon

How To Check the Price History of an Item on Amazon

The prices on Amazon change constantly. Black Friday sales, Christmas sales, New Year’s sales, Thanksgiving sales, and countless others are just a few examples of the many times a year when prices change dramatically. Sellers want to be noticed by shoppers, and buyers want to find a suitable product at an affordable price. The price you set as a seller can significantly affect your profit margin, sales volume, business positioning, and market share. Amzpecty is an Amazon tool that makes it simple to analyze Amazon prices and view price changes over time.

Amzpecty is a tool that shows real-time monitoring of products on Amazon. It determines whether prices fell or rose over a certain period and presents the most detailed findings to its users. Not only that, Amzpecty helps sellers track sales, monitor stock levels, inspect products, identify the sales rank, and keep track of essential data.

Amzpecty has a browser extension and an API web service. Amzpecty browser extension shows you the price of each item plus their shipping total, the minimum, maximum and average prices of items, and all offers’ available quantity. You can click the Amzpecty button on the top right of your browser extension, and you’re good to go. It’s that convenient. Amzpecty will gather the data for you and show you the amazon item price history you need.

Another notable feature is the Amzpecty Profit Calculator. You can find out the FBA and FBM estimated fees, find the optimal selling price and increase your margins and profits. The Profit Calculator allows for extensive personalization. You can easily customize the settings whether you want to estimate the Amazon referral fee, storage fee, variable closing fee, weight handling fee, pick and pack fee, order handling fee, or fixed closing fee. It’s very convenient and easy to use.

Amzpecty also has a Product Variation Viewer button that automatically shows when a product has variations. These variants come with Buy Box, Reviews, and Dimensions information. You will be able to check the prices on the market and their variations! The best part of all these features is that all the data you’ll get is downloadable.

Users of the Amzpecty API web service will have a wide range of information, including stock levels, MOQs, total offers, total amounts, numbers of FBA and FBM sellers, seller IDs, and more. It works with any applications you need and can be integrated quickly.

Amzpecty has more features offered to help you with your business. You won’t have to toggle between the two sites when you install the browser and its API web service, saving you time. In addition, you’ll be sure that the data gathered by Amzpecty for you is actual and not just based on sales figures with algorithms. Amzpecty’s system shows actual and intricate results that require a kit of maintenance. Although Amzpecty can only show historical data since the product is added to the tracklist and not instantaneous, Amzpecty is still the best Amazon tool to help you monitor data on Amazon.