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Amzpecty Documentations

How To?



By subscribing to a Free trial plan, you can enjoy our Free Trial for 15 days.

No Payment method required.

You may upgrade anytime to a paid subscription.

Amzpecty has five subscription plans.

  1. Starter
  2. Pro Basic
  3. Pro Advanced
  4. Enterprise Basic
  5. Enterprise Advanced

Amzpecty can remember your login so that you don’t have to enter your username and password every time you use Amzpecty on the same computer and browser. Just follow the following steps.

  1. Login to Amzpecty
  2. Click View Preferences button.
  3. Enable automatic account login on startup by enabling the checkbox.

Login and go to Preferences page. Input new password and confirm password then click Save button.

In the Login page, click Forgot Password link. In the Reset Password page, input your user login (an email address) and click Reset Password button. Wait for the Reset Your Amzpecty Password email and click the reset password link then follow directions.

Web Application

To upgrade your Amzpecty subscription, just login to Amzpecty.

In the dashboard, you will see button. Click it to select from the upgrade options.

From the options list, select your desired plan to upgrade to. Click the appropriate Subscribe button.

View History through the main menu.


View History from the search results page.


A new tab will open after clicking History.


To show the search result details, click the icon from the list.

With Amzpecty version 2.0 onwards, users subscribed to Daily Snapshot Add-on can now specify products to track. 

Amzpecty will periodically take daily data snapshot of products in the tracked list. 

Users will be able to view and download data up to the last 60 days.


For each tracked product, Amzpecty can project the following:

  1. Estimated total Amazon quantity.
  2. Estimated quantity for each seller.
  3. Estimated total quantity sold per day.
  4. Estimated quantity sold for each seller per day.
  5. Price Trend (average, maximum and minimum)
  6. Price Trend for each seller.
  7. Estimated quantity added by seller per day.

In Product Snapshots page, click Download Reports tab

Amzpecty provides 5 types of Reports for bulk download.

  1. Raw Snapshots
  2. Sales Trend
  3. Estimated Quantity Sold
  4. Price Trend
  5. Sales Rank Trend

You may download up to full 60 days range of data for each product. Just go to Product Snapshot page and click View Daily Snapshots link and click Download Raw Data button within any of the tabs.

You may also click the Export CSV buttonto download the corresponding data displayed in the screen.

Just go to Product Snapshot page and select products to delete then click Delete Selected button.

Amzpecty shows annotations when Amzpecty detects that sellers added inventory. You can check it under Sales Trend tab under Sellers section.

Chrome Extension

1. Open Your Chrome Browser

2. Type chrome://extensions/ into the address bar and press Enter key. This will show a list of all Chrome extensions installed in your system.

3. Check Developer Mode

4. Click Update extensions now button to update Amzpecty.
! Caution ! This will update all your installed extensions. Do not proceed if this is undesirable and
contact .

5. Verify that Amzpecty is now the latest version by checking the version number of Amzpecty then uncheck Developer Mode.

6. Make sure to refresh the Amazon page before using Amzpecty again .

1. Open Your Chrome Browser

2. Type chrome://extensions/ into the address bar and press Enter key. This will show a list of all Chrome extensions installed in your system.

3. Click Bin Icon to remove Amzpecty

Pin allows you to save results even if you browse to other Amazon products. Enable and disable it on the results page.

Amzpecty is able to filter results based on seller types (FBA or FBM) and product condition.

These filters are persistent. Once you set it, the filters will be enabled on succeeding searches.

In the search results page, you can download the search results in CSV format and view in Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Edge

Install Amzpecty Extension in Microsoft Edge

Starting Microsoft Edge version 79.0.309 you may install our Google Chrome Extension to Microsoft Edge browser.

1. Confirm your Microsoft Edge Version

Using your Microsoft Edge browser, click the link below.


Make sure your version is 79.0.309 or higher.

Note: If the link above does not work, you may be using an older version of Microsoft Edge.

2. Install Extension

Go to the Google Chrome Web Store using the link below.

You should see something similar below.

Click  [ Allow extension from other stores ] button to enable the extension in Edge.

Click [ Allow ] button.

[ Add to Chrome ] button should be enabled by now. Click [ Add to Chrome ]  to add.

Click [ Add extension] to add.

Amzpecty icon should now be visible in your Microsoft Edge browser toolbar.