Product Research 2023: Finding Profitable Products on Amazon

Product Research 2023: Finding Profitable Products on Amazon

Amazon is a vast marketplace with millions of products for sale. This can make it difficult to find profitable products to sell. However, several tools and resources can help you with your product research. One of the most helpful tools is the Amzpecty Browser Extension. Amzpecty is a free tool that provides real-time data on Amazon products. This data includes product sales rank, price, quantity in stock, and more.

Finding Profitable Products

Once you have installed the Amzpecty extension, you can use it to find profitable products. Here are a few tips:

  • Look for products with high sales rank and low prices. 

This means the product has a high demand, but the competition could be higher.

  • Look for products with a high number of reviews. 

This is a good indicator that the product is popular and well-received by customers.

  • Avoid products with high seller fees. 

These fees can eat into your profits, so choosing products with low seller fees is important.

Using Amzpecty to Find Profitable Products

To use Amzpecty, install the extension on your browser. Then, when you’re browsing Amazon, you’ll see Amzpecty buttons appear next to each product. Click on a button to see detailed data about the product, including:

  • Sales rank

This shows how well the product is selling on Amazon. A higher sales rank means that the product is more popular.

  • Price

This shows the current price of the product.

  • Quantity in stock

This shows how many units of the product are currently in stock.

  • Variations

This shows if there are any variations of the product, such as different colors or sizes.

Once you’ve found a product that you think is profitable, you can use Amzpecty to gather more information. For example, you can use the Amzpecty API to get historical sales data for the product. This data can help you to determine if the product is a good long-term investment.


In the competitive world of Amazon selling, finding profitable products is the key to success. The Amzpecty Browser Extension equips sellers with essential data and insights necessary for effective product research in 2023. You can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition by leveraging its features, such as sales estimation, competitor analysis, historical data, keyword research, and niche finder.

With the Amzpecty Browser Extension by your side, you can confidently navigate the Amazon marketplace, identify profitable opportunities, and build a thriving business in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape of 2023.

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