The Key to Increasing Sales on Amazon

The Key to Increasing Sales on Amazon

The goal of establishing your own Amazon store is to make money. You want to increase your sales and have returning customers that are satisfied with the products that you offer. This is why you need to be able to offer what the market demands. Growing your Amazon store and making more money is the objective of every Amazon seller.  However, if you’re having a challenge doing so, well, you probably aren’t using an Amazon product analytics tool for your Amazon listing. 

Amazon product analytics tool

Let’s start by knowing what an Amazon product analytics tool is. Various people refer to it differently—Amazon product tracker, Amazon product search tool, Amazon product analytics tool, and even Amazon selling tools—but all of them are the same. Simply put, an Amazon product analytics tool is a software that provides an Amazon seller with information about how buyers engage with their products. An Amazon product analytics tool assists Amazon sellers that sell digital products in gathering data and analyzing how customers engage with various components of their products.

Benefits of Amazon product analytics tool

An Amazon product analytics tool or an Amazon product tracker helps any Amazon seller make better decisions with data and improve their Amazon listing. Why, you ask? Well, it focuses on the products themselves and the customers‘ engagement. It helps an Amazon seller understand what works best and what doesn’t. In addition, as it is based on existing customers, you’re getting confidential data, not just data from the public domain. With that in mind, making more informed decisions is much easier, thus boosting your business.

Amazon selling tools

There are many Amazon selling tools you can find on the internet. You’re probably a bit overwhelmed by what to choose, and you don’t want to spend money on an Amazon product tracker that you aren’t even sure if it can help your business or not. Amzpecty is an Amazon product search tool free for the first fifteen (15) days without requiring a credit card or any payment method. You can try it out and see if it fits you. If you’ve decided, you can check out Amzpecty Solutions Suite’s Amzpecty Browser Extension’s various paid plans here.

What is Amzpecty? 

Amzpecty (pronounced ‘amz-peck-tee‘) is a desktop browser extension built to enable Amazon sellers to gain a competitive advantage over the competition. By clicking the Amzpecty Solutions Suite’s Amzpecty Browser Extension icon, you can get the critical data you need.

By using Amzpecty, Amazon sellers can:

  • Inspect ALL the quantities of offers on products listed on Amazon.
  • Write product notes on the Seller Central Manage Inventory page.
  • Track product sellers, available quantity, prices, and estimated sold quantity and take Daily Product Data Snapshots.
  • Calculate estimated profits through the FBA Calculator.
  • Run Amazon product variants search in one click.
  • Output different reports such as Raw Data, Estimated Quantity Sold, Price Trend, and Sales Trend on products being tracked.

In addition, Amzpecty Daily Product Snapshot assists the Amazon seller in monitoring the sales trend for a maximum of 60 days. Other than the fact that this Amazon product tracker free for the first 15 days, is that the data is downloadable, so you can use it to analyze later on.

Amzpecty provides five types of Reports for bulk download.

  1. Raw Snapshots
  2. Sales Trend
  3. Estimated Quantity Sold
  4. Price Trend
  5. Sales Rank Trend


An Amazon product analytics tool is the answer to any Amazon seller’s dread—sales decline. They help Amazon sellers make better business decisions by utilizing confidential data from existing customers and improving their Amazon listing. Amzpecty Solutions Suite’s Amzpecty Browser Extension is an Amazon product search tool free for the first 15 days that can help sellers on get historical data and drive their business to success.

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