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Provides Amazon sellers a unique arsenal of data toolset to be most competitive in the Amazon marketplace leading to well informed business decisions and ultimately maximize profits.


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Check out these amazing features perfectly engineered and maintained by a team with over a decade of experience in international eCommerce and Information Technology. We have a courteous and dedicated support team, ready to tackle any questions or concerns, by going above and beyond the norm of support.

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Product Variations Viewer

Simplify looking up of variant information through the 1-click search. Each variant comes with Buy Box, Reviews and Dimensions information.

Watch out for variants having high review count. This means that that particular product has a lot of interest among buyers.
Compare critical reviews against positive reviews and get insights on buyer feedback.
Save time with automation. You can download all the variant ASINs and its corresponding attributes in 1 click.
No more manual data entry. Just download and analyze data.
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Shows Competitor Quantity, Price, Sales Rank etc. in just 1 click!

Instantly know how much inventory your competitors have in the Amazon platform. Stay away from nonperforming products, don't get married with your inventory. Downloadable results for record keeping.

Save time with automation. 999 trick is very tedious and time consuming work.
No more manual data entry. Just download and analyze data.
Avoid sourcing products that has massive available quantity for sale in the marketplace.
Compare your sourcing price against the selling price trend in the marketplace.
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Instant Offer Listings' Quantity

By just browsing an offer listing page of an Amazon product, you can quickly know, just in seconds, how many in-stock quantity other sellers have.

Instantly know how much inventory your competitor/s have in stock.
Instantly determine estimated total market units.
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Am I earning?

Amazon Profit Calculator

Instantly know your best price to earn higher net profit and margin. Avoid wild guessing by backing your pricing as well as restocking decision with real broadset data.

Determine if you are earning or not at your selling price.
Estimate your selling price before committing to buy or source new inventories.
Or, simply know the Amazon fees for both FBA and FBM.
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Daily Product Snapshots

Keep records of daily sell through rates and price fluctuations as well as the pricing strategy of other sellers. Track a products selling performance to be more competitive. Get informed on competitor restocks.

Don't get fooled by other products giving you sales estimates based on BSR. Our estimates are based on actual data from the snapshots.
Learn the pricing and sales trends.
Save time with automation. 999 trick is very tedious and time consuming work.
No more manual data entry. Just download and analyze data.
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Seller Central Product Notes

Keep notes to stay on-track with your inventory on Amazon Seller Central.

Your organization is huge with large product listings and synchronizing information is difficult. With product notes, you can write notes about your product listings just within Amazon Seller Central.
Easily remember product costs, reorder level and many more that you can think of.
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Check out what our customers say about Amzpecty.

This is probably the most under rated, unknown diamond of a tool out there. Even many guru's don't know about it and the ONLY reason I am even posting this review is because it would be wrong not to share it. HOW can people make informed buying decisions without a tool like this. If you're gonna be in Amazon FBA and you don't have this tool, you better have deep pockets because without this tool, you're gonna need them.

-- Luxury Valet

This extension was a life saver during Q4 when other similar products wouldn't work to track inventory from competitors. But it didn't stop there. I now use it for my Amazon FBA calculator and to track product. It appears as such a tiny little item on my screen but it packs such a huge punch with all of it's features. It even works for Canada!! The staff at Amzpecty is amazing. I love you guys and love your product!! Thanks so much!

-- Up On Retail

i am a recent subscriber to Amzpecty. Apparently they are the only Chrome Extension that has fixed the Amazon product inventory tracker glitch. I am quite satisfied with its operation. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike in their customer support team. What a great and patient guy. He spend quite some time explaining a multitude of things about Amzpecty and in general. Thumbs up to Amzpecty.

-- William Preusch

I can't imagine being without it. It saves me so much time as I review the competition every morning to help prepare a report for my business partners. This tool makes it easy to see the competition and their estimated units.

-- Lisa Caputo

One of the most useful Chrome extensions I have found.

-- Jim Musselwhite

I really find value in this software but I am having technical difficulty and Amzpecty's support is outstanding, they are quick to respond even at 11:25pm.

-- Oleg Pekar

Excellent tool for Amazon FBA and Online Arbitrage

-- John Hain

I got this extension a couple of months ago and overall is it helpful for my business. Being able to see how much inventory is available on a particular item helps me to make good judgment calls.

-- Betty Coleman

This just saved me a TON of hours a month in my auditing process.

-- Roger Tipping

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