Amzpecty - Browser Extension

Introducing Product Variations Viewer (beta)!

Quickly check a Product's variations with Amzpecty!

  • This feature is available only on Amzpecty Chrome Extension version 3.0 and above.
  • You may only request variations info on one Parent ASIN at a time.
  • Starter Premium subscribers may only request up to 3 times per subscription month.
  • Pro Basic Premium subscribers may only request up to 10 times per subscription month.

How to Use:

On a product with variations buy box page, this button shows. Click this button to initiate Product Variations search.

This is the Product Variations Viewer page. This page opens in a new tab after clicking the button above. Information of each variant is gradually populated as soon as data comes in. Data is downloadable in MS Excel file. Processing may take longer depending on the number of variations. You may cancel processing if information loaded seems enough.
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