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This is probably the most under rated, unknown diamond of a tool out there. Even many guru's don't know about it and the ONLY reason I am even posting this review is because it would be wrong not to share it. HOW can people make informed buying decisions without a tool like this. If you're gonna be in Amazon FBA and you don't have this tool, you better have deep pockets because without this tool, you're gonna need them.

-- Luxury Valet

This extension was a life saver during Q4 when other similar products wouldn't work to track inventory from competitors. But it didn't stop there. I now use it for my Amazon FBA calculator and to track product. It appears as such a tiny little item on my screen but it packs such a huge punch with all of it's features. It even works for Canada!! The staff at Amzpecty is amazing. I love you guys and love your product!! Thanks so much!

-- Up On Retail

i am a recent subscriber to Amzpecty. Apparently they are the only Chrome Extension that has fixed the Amazon product inventory tracker glitch. I am quite satisfied with its operation. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike in their customer support team. What a great and patient guy. He spend quite some time explaining a multitude of things about Amzpecty and in general. Thumbs up to Amzpecty.

-- William Preusch

I can't imagine being without it. It saves me so much time as I review the competition every morning to help prepare a report for my business partners. This tool makes it easy to see the competition and their estimated units.

-- Lisa Caputo

One of the most useful Chrome extensions I have found.

-- Jim Musselwhite

I really find value in this software but I am having technical difficulty and Amzpecty's support is outstanding, they are quick to respond even at 11:25pm.

-- Oleg Pekar

Excellent tool for Amazon FBA and Online Arbitrage

-- John Hain

I got this extension a couple of months ago and overall is it helpful for my business. Being able to see how much inventory is available on a particular item helps me to make good judgment calls.

-- Betty Coleman

This just saved me a TON of hours a month in my auditing process.

-- Roger Tipping

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