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Amazon Seller Tool: Monitor Prices, Sales, Stock & Analyze Data

Amzpecty Solutions Suite drives your Amazon business to success.

    Amzpecty Browser Extension

    Amzpecty Browser Extension

    Acquire Real-Time Data

    Amzpecty API Web Service

    Amzpecty API Web Service

    Seamless Data Access

    Amzpecty is an Amazon Seller tool to assist you in your selling success.

    Amzpecty provides data that helps businesses make better-informed decisions. We made our software easy for beginners and powerful enough for experts. Amzpecty Solutions Suite makes it possible to gather all product information listed on Amazon that completely changes how you analyze your business data.

    Amzpecty Extension is Now Available on:

    Track Estimated Sales, Monitor Estimated Inventory, Retrieve Product Reviews, and Be Aware of Product Variations.

    Amzpecty Browser Extension
    Discover Your Competitors Easily

    A browser extension reinventing your sales & business experience. Be more competitive on Amazon with more informed data-driven decisions.

    A Robust Solution for Seamless Enterprise System Integration.
    Our API service makes it easy to create custom integrations into your existing enterprise system or build a new one. Connect with our API Web Service to share data across business systems, sync data between various applications, and more.
    API Web Service
    Discover High-Demand Product Variations

    Easily discover the best-selling variation of a product with a high positive review count—don’t miss the opportunity to increase sales.

    The Easiest Way to Track Product Performance

    Just browse the Amazon Product Page and add the product for tracking in seconds. Amzpecty will do the automated daily data snapshots for you.

    Mobile App Coming Soon

    Easily access Amzpecty just with your phone. Track products on Amazon and obtain
    real-time data while on the go.

    Google Play
    App Store

    Powerful features for researching product ideas to increase your sales and profits. Designed to save you time and effort.

    Was unsere Kunden über uns sagen

    Amzpecty is trusted by small to enterprise-level Amazon sellers worldwide!

    For around 14 months I have had the pleasure of working with Michael and the team to help build out a new product for a company here in New Zealand.

    Adam Holt

    Their variation viewer provides the best data out of any others I have seen. It's always accurate, and it's not invasive. I love it!

    Jacob Forbis

    I really find value in this software but I am having technical difficulty and Amzpecty's support is outstanding, they are quick to respond even at 11:25pm.

    Oleg Pekar

    I really find value in this software but I am having technical difficulty and Amzpecty's support is outstanding, they are quick to respond even at 11:25PM.

    Oleg Pekar

    I got this extension a couple of months ago and overall is it helpful for my business. Being able to see how much inventory is available it helps me to make good decision.

    Betty Coleman

    Excellent tool for Amazon FBA and Online Arbitrage. This just saved me a TON of hours a month in my auditing process. A really great tool for Amazon Seller.

    Roger Tipping

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    Amzpecty Offers YOU Custom Solutions

    Learn more about our Amzpecty Custom Solutions Team. We provide industry-leading, Amazon seller tools that help you manage your inventory, orders and profitably grow your business. Our dedicated support team is ready to tackle your questions or concerns by going above and beyond support norms.

    No Technical or Programming Knowledge? No Problem!

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