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System Diagram

Please refer to the above System Diagram.


Please make sure your Callback URL is ready and entered in the Preferences Page. After Amzpecty is done looking up data, Amzpecty will HTTPS Post to this URL the JSON formatted result data. Unless AMZPECTY_CALLBACK_URL header is added into the [ Add Item Id to Walmart Snapshot Query Queue ] call where it will take precedence over the Preferences Callback URL settings. Callback URL must be globally accessible, using https protocol and with valid SSL certificate.


  1. Make an Add call [ Add Item Id to Walmart Snapshot Query Queue ] to put your request to query queue.
  2. Amzpecty API server will make a call to your Callback URL to send the results as soon as search is completed.
  3. Your application may use the rid from the Add call response to match the callback to your original request.


You don’t need to make the optional Get query unless considerable time has elapsed, and no callback is received. Please refrain from making successive Add calls of the same Item Id.


  • Request/Response data encoding should be UTF-8


Contact support for custom URL for exclusive or custom servers.


  • All data exchange connections between Amzpecty and peer must be through HTTPS (SSL/TLS) with valid SSL certificate.
  • Amzpecty will issue a secret key for request authentication (parameter name is secretKey) – The secret key can be found on Preferences Page > Amzpect API > Your API Secret Key.


While we do our best to process all query requests in a timely manner, we do not guarantee the timeliness of the result callback. Please consider response delays in your implementation.


Please ensure your requests are set at least 1-2 seconds interval to avoid rejected API calls. We have checks in place to avoid excessive burst requests. Please contact support for exceptions on custom servers.


Credit is only deducted upon successful retrieval of data after an ADD call. Get calls like Get by RID will not deduct any credit.

Credits reset every last day of the month. Unused credits do not carry forward to the next month.

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