Amzpecty, The Most Downloaded Chrome Extension and Web App for Amazon Sellers

Amzpecty, The Most Downloaded Chrome Extension and Web App for Amazon Sellers

With the advancement of technology, business owners no longer have to spend hours trying to keep track of their sales, monitor their inventory list, and go out of their way to study the market. All of these tedious tasks can now be done with just a few clicks on the computer. The revolutionizing advancement of technology has not only increased sales revenue but has also made almost every part of the business process more efficient. This has brought about a significant increase in the number of businesses shifting to selling their products and services online. 

That being said, Amazon, the largest e-commerce company in the world, has helped not only business owners gain more profit but also provide their customers with a ton of convenience. Due to this, more and more business-minded individuals all around the world want to venture and test the waters by selling their products and services online. 

However, as the proverb goes, too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth. Now that Amazon has proven to be a credible platform to gain money, you can see different business profiles selling almost even the same products and services. This makes it difficult for those who are just starting or even those who have been selling on Amazon since their humble beginning to continuously gain profit from their platform. 

Hence, tools generated to help business owners stand out amongst their competitors were created. These tools make the already easy process of doing business online way more efficient than it already is. But we will not tackle all of them in this article. In this article, we’ll mainly focus on Amzpecty. Ah, Amzpecty. If you haven’t heard of Amzpecty, you’ve been probably living under a rock.

Amzpecty provides convenient, fast, and reliable automated services. Amzpecty has been in business only this year but it has become one of the most downloaded Amazon tools. It has proven to be a dependable tool for Amazon sellers with its numerous functions.

Just by downloading Amzpecty, Amazon sellers can:

  1. Monitor all the number of offers on the listed products on Amazon.

Sellers are not only instantly informed of their own products, but of their competitors as well. They can say goodbye to manually monitoring everything in their business. 

  1. Jot down notes on the Seller Central Manage Inventory page.

With the numerous things that sellers need to do, simply being able to keep a note of what they need is a life-saver. Let’s face it, we all need a work-life balance. Hence, it’s very convenient to be able to keep a memo of everything. 

  1. Track the sellers, know their available quantity, prices, and estimated sold quantity, and take snapshots of their Daily Product Data.

Sellers can quickly skim through the snapshots and go over the data they need. It is no longer necessary to sift through stacks of documents in order to find a specific piece of information.

  1. Calculate the estimated profits through the FBA Calculator.

It is much easier to determine whether the company is profitable or losing money. Not everyone enjoys doing math, but with Amzpecty, calculating the estimated profit is not as intimidating as calculating for an algebra test. Moreover, solutions can be implemented much more quickly, and potential losses can be avoided.

  1. Do a search on the various products on Amazon with a simple click of a button.

Sellers can conveniently know the trends in the market. By knowing the trends, sellers can have a better understanding of what their customers need. It even allows them to compare the positive and negative reviews to know what they need to work on. 

  1. Create different reports such as Raw Data, Estimated Quantity Sold, Price Trend, and Sales Trend on the products being tracked.

There is no longer any need to hire more people since everything is automated. Sellers can not only cut down on manpower but also save time on reports. They can do more productive tasks at a much quicker pace.

All the functions may sound overwhelming, but rest assured that Amzpecty’s instruction manual is very easy to understand, and more information can be found on their FAQ page. Their customer support team is also very reliable. They can provide technical support for sellers who are not tech-savvy. 

Amzpecty was made by a team with 10 years of experience in the international e-commerce and IT industries. Not only is the tool trustworthy, but so is the team behind it!